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SMK FOMRA Institute of Technology

Committee and Cells

Governing Council

Governing cell has been formed to monitor the academic and other related activities of the college. The cell aims at considering the recommendations of the Staff Selection Committee and the important communications, policy decisions received from the University, Government like AICTE/ PCI, etc. The cell monitors the progress students and faculty development programmes & in passing the annual budget of the college by approving income and overall expenditure of the institution annually.


Keeping the vision of the institution in view the cell advises on the following issues.

  • Excellence in academics, Curricular, extra-curricular, co-curricular activities
  • Improvement of skills and knowledge
  • Improvement of employment opportunities
  • Infrastructural requirements
  • Introduction of new subjects based on the trends of the market and industry.
  • Welfare schemes for staff and students
  • Research and consultancy
  • Awareness programs for students.
  • Promotion of culture and Heritage of India

Academic committee

Academic committee aims at Reviewing the completion of syllabus in all subjects as per lesson plans submitted by the faculty.  It also reviews the seminars / conferences attended by the faculty and students in promoting academic growth. The committee scrutinizes the attendance of the students and finalizes the list of detained candidates before the commencement of University End Examinations in each semester/year to conduct Unit examinations and University End Examinations.

Grievance Redressal cell

The formation of Students and Staff Grievance Cell is to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced academic environment when a students and staff are experiencing an infringement of their rights. It is a measure to develop responsive and accountable attitude among college officials to ensure that, there is no laxity in terms of fair-deal with the students. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.

Institutional Magazine & News Paper Committee

The Institutional Magazine & News Paper Committee was framed with an idea of raising the resources for publication of the journals and articles and to receive the articles / reports from the students/staff and edit the same in order to ensure that no reports/articles objectionable in nature are published by appointing students as the sectional editors.

Alumni Committee

The committee aims at inviting the Alumni to visit the College aiding a brief interaction with the students and to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students. It also promotes industries and companies tie ups for a regular campus placements. It provides an opportunity to the Alumni who are entrepreneurs to motivate the students, and suggest Add On / Certificate / Diploma courses to be conducted by the College with financial assistance from industries/commercial organizations and well placed Alumni. The committee also ensures that the Alumni meet is a conducted every year.

Anti-ragging Committee

Anti-ragging committee maintains a vigil in the campus by monitoring every activity of the students closely around the campus. Ragging is viewed very strictly in the campus and is also prohibited in college transports. It is pride to boast that SMK FOMRA is a ragging free zone promoting a serene study environment.

Time Table Committee

The time table committee is responsible for framing regulated class timetables at the beginning of every semester. The committee members arrange an overall meeting and discuss the possibilities of various schedules considering inter department and intra department theory subjects and come out with a schedule which would be void of overlaps and other time clatters.

Transport Committee

The transport committee is responsible for managing commutation possibilities for the staff and students. The committee recommends management for additional transport facilities & reviews the operation of college vehicles in all the possible routes with respect to the staff and students need. It also reviews the maintenance of transports and allots seats for students and faculty in concerned routes and displays the list of faculty and students in the corresponding vehicles. The committee is also responsible for framing transport rules and regulation that is to be strictly followed inside the transports and takes necessary steps for Prevention of un-authorized boarders.

Internal Complaint Committee

The committee deals with managing and reporting registered complaints of all forms within the institutional limits. The committee reports the status and cause of the so called registered complaints to the higher authorities and takes necessary action in case of a harassment/sexual abuse etc. The committee goes for a formal enquiry and decides the further course of action.

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee ensures overall disciplined environment in the College.The committee initiates timely action against erring student. The committee is responsible for ensuring proper dress code & in maintainingpunctuality among students. The committee allots corresponding staff to monitor the discipline in each department and to discuss environment cleanliness and maintenance around the campus.

Women Empowerment Cell

The goal of this cell is to create awareness of women rights and empower them by provisioning opportunities and programs to support them financially, mentally and emotionally. The cell builds a strong foundation for women in all interdisciplinary fields promoting their growth as individuals of moral and social values in their own rights. The cell also aims at exposing women to ample opportunities at various sectors of work domain and making them aware of the guidelines and rights that are laid down by the Supreme Court for their safety.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The objective of the entrepreneur development cell is to act as an institutional mechanism in providing various services and entrepreneurial possibilities to the budding student entrepreneurs by arranging appropriate awareness programs. The cell fosters better linkages between the neighboring Institution, Industries and R&D institutions and other related organizations engaged in promoting the importance of self-employability. The cell is also engaged in catalyzing and promoting developmental programs for students to gain access to the various ideas on developing a brand name and knowledge on pitching their products to respective sponsors.The cell works to bring out more entrepreneurs in students so that they are made "Occupation assigners" than "Occupation acceptors".

Sports Committee

The main motive behind the formation of the sports committee is to impose the importance of physical education among students. The cell recommends to the Head of the institution in facilitating indoor and outdoor games for students. The cell is responsible for finalizingthe annual calendar of internal and external sports Activities and in preparing the budget for proposed activities. The cell arranges for necessary trainingto the students in various sports sector. The members of this cell are also inclined in the selection of institution teams to represent the college in various intercollegiate tournaments and intramural tournaments

Library Committee

The library committee ensures a surplus supply of books in the library and takes at most care to fulfill the requirement of new titles/books from Faculty & Students. The cell works towards procuring new titles of textbooks & resources like Journals, Magazines, E-Resources to strengthen the digital library. The members play an active role in maintaining appropriate records and obtaining regular feedbacks regarding book demands and deficiency from students and faculties, so as to sustain the stocks in an efficient manner.

Hostel Committee

The committee ensures Discipline and decorum in the Institution hostels. The committee imposes strict rules and regulation that is expected to be followed by the students availing hostel facilities in the campus. The committee strives to maintain self-restraint in the Boys and Girls hostel and imposes stringent and appropriate retribution to students in the case of disrupting the code of conduct in any possible manner.

NSS/YRC Committee

The cell Motivates students in social works and helps the students getting recruitment in NSS based domains. The cell aids in selection of students for NSS activities and creates awareness regarding social services and other governing bodies of the college community. It organizes orientation programs for NSS volunteers, explaining the students about the concept of social service, and teaches them methods and skills required for achieving the objectives of this noblescheme.

Canteen Committee

The committee aims at providing the most delicious and nutritious food to the students. It caters to the need of the students in obtaining quality and variety in the menu laid down by the canteen staff. The cell ensures satisfactory service to be rendered to the students and staff members. It reviews and allots reasonable charges on various food items served in the canteen and conducts routine inspections for maintaining the cleanliness in the Canteen surroundings.

Cultural Committee/Co curricular activity Committee

The cultural and co curricular activity committee organizes various functions, important day celebrations, annual day celebration & Youth festival etc.. The committee achieves event management&updationsthrough a pertinent maintenance of activityrecords in the form of photographs, newsletters and video clipping of every event being hosted in the institution.

English Club

SMK Fomra Institute of Technology inaugurated the English Club in association with THE HINDU on February 3rd, 2016 in order to provide various vocabulary oriented activities in order to improve the communication skills in students. The club frequently hosts various events associated with HINDU and encourages students to contribute in the club by participating in club competions and article management.

Placement Cell

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