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Engineer's Day Celebration 2022

15th Sep 2022

10 am

Conference Hall

Greetings from SMK Fomra Institute of Technology

The Principal Dr. A. Saravanan preided over the function and paid rich tribute to Father of Engineering Sir MokshaGundam Visvesvaraya. The Principal highlighted the features of Naan Mudhalvan scheme and motivated students to enroll for the courses listed. Usman mathur IV CSE briefed about the various fields of engineering and its contribution toward societal development.  A poster design compietition on their innovative project themes is held for higher semester students to commemorate Engineer's Day 2022 celebration. Posters were judged by Dr. G. Kavitha, HoD-ECE, Dr. Divya, HoD-SH and Mr. S.K. Vijai Anand, and prizes were given for the best poster presentation. The event was coordinated by Dr. R. Selvi, HoD-CSE.

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