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SMK FOMRA Institute of Technology

Industry Institute Interactions

With massive innovations and rapid changes in industrial & technical evolution, it is only evident that the engineering students should be given an extensive foresight regarding the current economy andthe versatile role of industrial contributions in bringing about a revolutionary impact over the current engineering market. The need of the hour would be therefore to bridge the gap between the industry and the technical institutions for achieving a collaborative and strategic partnerships thereby establishing an elaborate understanding of the current scenario and enablingthe students to assimilate the required skills and contribute in economic and social development at large.

The institution has signed various “Memorandum of understanding” (MOU’s) with reputed industries for offering internships and inplant trainings to the students. The following MOU’s have been instigated in the academic year 2019-20 periods.

  • An MOU was signed on behalf of Computer science & Engineering department and the Centre of Excellence with “CONVERGY IT & SOLUTIONS”, Chennai for a period of 3 years. The firm assured that it would provide assistance in trainings and implementing state-of art technology projects at SMK FOMRA and would provide the necessary skills, expertise required to carry out various other technical requirements.
  • An MOU was signed on behalf of SMK FOMRA institute of technology with “Livewire”. The objective is to conduct a Unique step by step systematic and employable skill development program for the students of SMKFIT towards achieving the objective of maximizing employable opportunities and understanding the gist of industrial outgrowth.
  • An MOU was signed on behalf of Civil Engineering department and the Centre of Excellence with“De Novo Software Solutions”a unit of PGN Groups for a period of 3 years. The objective is to promote industry academic relationship for mutual benefits and exchange of views on engineering and technological issues of common concern, thereby synthesizing appropriate solutions for the same.
  • An MOU was signed on behalf ofMechanical Engineering department and the Centre of Excellence with“Ceramic Pro India”which is a leading firm in Nano ceramic coating for automobiles and industrial products. The firm offers implant trainings and paid internships to students offering them a real time working experience in automobile sectors.

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