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SMK FOMRA Institute of Technology

Correspondent Message

Correspondent Message

CorrespondentWelome to SMK Fomra, a haven for academic pursuits. SMK Fomra has achieved several accolades to its 20 years of existence and we make sure that we reach the benefits of education to students who come from diverse background. Our astonishing resources include state of art laboratories, smart classrooms, analogy based teaching system, infrastructure, sports arena, dedicated faculty and luscious greenery.

We assure to impart quality education to each one of our students and serve as a perennial source of education. We welcome you to our esteemed organization to search the never ending arch of amalgamated knowledge and explore the untrodden path of opportunities at our campus because, after all education is the most amazing gift that one generation passes on to the next. I firmly believe that if you are not willing to learn, none can help you. But, if you are determined to learn, none can stop you. Therefore, never cease your determination to learn.

Dear students, as you spend your youthful years in this institution, try to develop the right attitude on your personal goals, sense of responsibility, time management, creativity, excellence, human relations and leadership skills.

Everybody knows about Thomas Edison. He had the right attitude towards work. He experimented more than ten thousand times on the light bulb before discovering how it works. He looked upon each attempt not as a failure but as a success that led him one step closer to his ultimate goal. Eventually, he had the credit of being the most prolific inventor in modern history with 1097 devices patented in his name. It was his attitude that paved the way for his success.

Likewise, dear students, keep your focus firmly on the goal you are striving for and do whatever is necessary in order to achieve it.

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