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SMK FOMRA Institute of Technology

Governing Council

Governing Council

The Governing Council is collectively responsible for overseeing the institution’s activities, determining its future direction, and fostering an environment in which the institutional Vision and Mission is achieved. Governing Council of SMK FOMRA has been constituted as per the norms of AICTE. The main function is to ensure that the stakeholders, including students, faculty as well as those from the wider society, have full confidence and trust in our institution. All the members who have governance responsibilities and accountabilities, both within and outside institutions carry out their responsibilities effectively in order to achieve the primary objectives for learning, teaching and research. We at FOMRA have identified and selected well known Academicians, Industrialists, distinguished scientists from well known Institutions/Industries/Research Organizations/ besides representatives of the faculty as the nominees of our Governing Council. The members meet regularly and make policy decisions and give guidance and suggestions to implement the necessary course of actions successfully. With their rich experience and background they are guiding the destiny of the Institution so as to occupy a place of eminence in the field of Technical Education.

Members of our Governing Council:

S.No. Name Designation Position in governing Council
1 Shri.SUNDARLAL FOMRA Chairman Chairman
2 Shri.NATWARLAL FOMRA Trustee Member (Management Nominee)
3 Shri.SRIKUMAR FOMRA Trustee & Correspondent Member (Management Nominee)
4 Ms.NEHA FOMRA Joint Correspondent Member (Management Nominee)
5 Shri.SUDHAKAR FOMRA CEO, SMKFIT Member (Management Nominee)
6 Shri. M. SUNDARESAN Regional officer & assistant director (SRO AICTE) Member (AICTE Nominee)
8 Dr.K.BOOPATHY BAGAN Professor, Anna University Member (University Nominee)
9 Dr.USHA EASWARAN Former Principal Member (Academician External)
10 Dr.JAYA PRAKASH Professor,  Anna University Member (Academician External)
11 Dr.K.ANANTHASIVAN Associate Director, IGCAR, Kalpakkam Member (Industry Nominee)
12 Dr.R.K.SURESH Director, AMIRTA University Member (Industry Nominee)
13 Dr.P.ARUNACHALAM Prof and Head(S&H),SMKFIT Member (Academician Internal)
14 Dr.A.SARAVANAN Principal SMKFIT Member secretary

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